The Covid Years


These past years, the ‘Covid Years’, have resulted in a very distinct change in the kind of items lost on the streets of Vancouver. There has been an obvious uptick in PPE (personal protective equipment). Gloves and masks mainly.

Now that we’re seeing that vaccinations have taken effect and Covid-19 case count numbers are down, the province of British Columbia has initiated its 4-phase “Restart Plan” to reopen restaurants, and get “life back to normal.” The project (and “Restart”) began on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 (Phase One) and ends on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 (Phase Four). Of course, these dates are subject to change due to criteria such as ‘low case counts’ and ‘declining hospitalizations’. The project will follow the daily progress of the BC plan rollout and change course accordingly.

Since the pandemic began, both PPE and data have become an ever-present force in all of our lives. To reflect this, the photos are presented in the form of a data chart with the x-axis showing the date and the y-axis showing the photos collected that week.

Ultimately, the gathered image collage will create a picture not only of what we’ve lost during the pandemic but what we have endured together.

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